Sunday, April 11, 2010

Preparing for NPTE-What is needed?

Remember this.
This IS your first step to success.
NPTE is just a test.With proper preparation,sensible thinking you can make it.
if it is been a long since you graduated(like me) then i would suggest refreshing your basics.
1.Get hold of a basic anat book do origin insertion of muscles(birds eye-not too detailed),myotomes,dermatomes,bone-surface anatomy(most commonly used land marks),nerves. I suggesst TSR(my fav) or Churasia(if you are Indian)
2.Basic biomech(Cynthia norkins will do)
I had strong foundation so i did not go back to these books.
I used Magee for applied anatomy and kinesiology.
3.Get a review book.
There are many.But IER review guide seems to be popular.
you can purchase online from their web site or settle for a second hand copy.
Kaplan- i did not find useful at all.Others- i did not have enough greens in my wallet.
4. Kisner and Magee-reference only.
5.Clayton or Reed (electro) reference only. and rehab by o'sullaivan.
Any other book that you used in college,that you are fond of or comfortable in referring with...
What i bought?
IER review guide,Magee,kisner,Grays(yep! i did!)i had other standard books.
What did i study from?
IER,magee .
If you are fresh graduate,i guess you need to review any guide- IER and/or the Blue book.


  1. Hi Wan,

    Congratulations !!!! your blog is really good and full of informations . thanks a lot.


  2. Thanks Gauri.If you need to clarify something pls do ask.I'll try my best to help.All the best.

  3. Hi...Wan.......CONGRATS!! Ur really an awesome guy..doi' great job....keep it up...ur really cheering people like us those u r preparing...Very informative!! Thanks tons!!

  4. Hey..

    This is awesome.. You doing a wonderful job.

    Thanks a lot..


  5. hey wan, congrats and thanks for this beautiful website wan..yaa really i mean it..its very very nice..i have been reading thr' my RG..i dont have CDs for the i am practicing from the book directly by writing all the choices in another that ok wan? i have purchased the peat though..
    and also let me know if it is necessary to study scott and giles..i have one but i have not touched it yet..its so big wan!! i know that u have not mentioned about this book, but still i wanted to ask u..
    and hey wan another question, do we need to study the origin and they ask it in exam about origin and insertion.. i dont have a anatomy book and i never seem to mug up them..i am finding it difficult..and hey wan another doubt, do we have to read the course of the peripheral nerves, cranial nerves and blood supply? thanks a lot wan..

  6. Hi Sangeetha,
    1.Know the approximate origin and insertion-so that you can guess the action of the muscle if you forget that and top know what bones are moved into which direction.
    2.Cranial nerves-nuclei location,function,testing
    Peripheral nerves-Origin,muscles supplied and course.Look at kisner they have some diagram on PN which i found useful.
    3.Scott and Gilles is a wonderfull book.It helps you to think.You may want to go through it after a first revision of your basics.
    Use it if you have one!
    The tests are good.
    Sorry i took a while to get back.Hope this helps.

  7. wow.Wan you are terrific and confident!!!!!
    what u say makes sense.